Running the development server

Run the development server in the standard way:

python runserver

To process scans, you’ll need to also run the celery deamon:

python celeryd


Previous versions of Between the Bars used a custom wrapper for runserver which performed compilation of assets. This is now handled automatically by django_compressor.

Installing test data

BtB ships with a small bit of test data to make sure things are working properly. Generate and load this data with the following management command:

python import_test_data

The data is described in a YAML file located in scanblog/media/test/test_data.yaml.

Running tests

Between the Bars includes unit tests and integration tests. Run unit tests with:

python test

Integration tests run with selenium webdriver, which runs a real, scripted webbrowser to test the full stack of frontend and backend functionality. Due to the heavy weight of launching and testing with a full browser, these tests are excluded from the default testrunner, and must be run explicitly:

python test btb


Some combinations of different selenium webdriver and firefox versions have difficulty with native operations (such as mouse drags) or file uploads. We’ve found Selenium 2.20 and Firefox 10.0 to be a winning combination. Download an old firefox binary here, and specify the path to this binary in settings.SELENIUM_FIREFOX_BIN, e.g.:

SELENIUM_FIREFOX_BIN = "/path/to/firefox_10/firefox


Previous versions of Between the Bars used lettuce for tests. This has been removed in favor of the standard Django test framework.

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