If you are going to run your own instance of Between the Bars, great! But there are several things you should change first.

Site name

Templates all over the site refer to {{ }} – on our site, that’s “Between the Bars”. Set your site’s name using the admin interface.

  1. Log in as a superuser or staff user
  2. Navigate to /admin/sites/site/
  3. Change the domain and display name to suitable values.

Return address

Change the default organizational contact and mailing address.

  1. Log in as a superuser or staff user
  2. Navigate to /admin/profiles/organization/
  3. Change the name, mailing address, and personal contact of the organization.

Templates and branding

The following templates contain Between the Bars branding and should be modified to suit your organization. Please fix anything that would create confusion for users:
  • scanblog/templates/site_base.html: change the contact address.
  • Everything in scanblog/templates/about/, particularly:
    • index.html: replace with your own “about” info.
    • dmca.html: put your own DMCA contact info in
    • terms.html: put terms for your organization, referencing your name
    • privacy.html: put a policy for your organization, referencing your name and URL
    • faq.html: change authorship, contact address, and other details
    • guidelines.html: change contact address.
  • scanblog/templates/home.html: Remove/change quotes and names to suit your organization. Make yer home page pretty.
  • scanblog/tempaltes/500.html: put your own URL in.
  • Change logos referenced in:
    • scanblog/templates/site_base.html
    • scanblog/templates/home.html

Terms to grep for in the templates include:

grep -Ri between scanblog/templates/
grep -Ri detar scanblog/templates/
grep -Ri civic scanblog/templates/
grep -Ri '\bmit\b' scanblog/templates/

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